How can I go to Canada as a business immigrant?Complete Guide to Business Immigration Programs

Business Immigration

The major aim for Canada to invite applications from worldwide for the Permanent residency is to strengthen its economy. Thus it welcomes any foreigner willing to do business in Canada. The Canadian government encourages any businessman, investor or ventures that have promising prospect for contributing to the economy of Canada. The above mentioned self-employed and startup immigration also fall under this scheme of immigration. This scheme also include investors and PNP business programs. For 2020, the immigration of Canada aims to provide with 91,800 PR under business immigration scheme. For the successive years of 2021 and 2022, the numbers of PR will be 91,150 and 91,550 respectively.

For investor program, the immigration seeks the applicant with the experience of direct operation, control and direction of the business. The applicant also needs to provide with the evidence that he/she has ownership of no less than 1,600,000 CAD net worth of endeavors. Further, the PR holder needs to invest 800,000 CAD in five years. For startups and self-employed, the applicants need to have relevant experiences and ability demonstrating they can contribute to the culture, athletic or economy of Canada.

For Business PNP, each province has the minimum investment, network and experience expectations. British Columbia seeks for $600,000 CAD network and $200,000 CAD as the investment. In addition to that, it is important for the candidate to possess 3 years working experience as the owner or the manager of the business. This is different for all the provinces and territories.

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