What is Canadian Experience Class? Eligibility to apply for the Canadian Experience Class Visa

Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program encourages all those individuals working or studying in Canada to apply for Canada Permanent Residency and extend the temporary status to the status of permanent resident. It aims to support for the transition. The government takes in account the contribution the student and the skilled worker has made to Canada during their stay.

Canada encourages and invites thousands of foreign nations living in Canada in a temporary work permit or student visa to apply for Express entry via CEC. There is always an advantage for the applicants with work experience and education obtained in Canada and the chances for making to the permanent residency is always likely. For CEC, the requirements to be eligible for application to be a Canada Permanent Resident are: language proficiency (reading, writing, listening and speaking), at least one year of working experience as a skilled manpower in Canada during the last three years of residence in Canada before the application. This applies for full time job or equivalent period if the candidate has part-time job. The work experience should be legal. It shouldn’t be beyond terms.

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