Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Canada Permanent Resident Application

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Canada Permanent Resident Application

  1. What is the good CRS score to apply for Canada permanent residency visa?

CRS score determines the skill level of the applicant. Under the Express Entry program, 440 and higher is good CRS score. There are chances for the applicant with lower score also to receive ITA.

  • What are the English language proficiency tests I can opt for Canada Permanent Residency visa?

IRCC recognizes International English Language Testing System (IELTS) for the English language test. Besides IELTS, you can also opt for the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP). For the tests, the applicant should go for general tests instead of the academic tests.

  • What is the duration of Canada Permanent Residency visa?

The Canada Permanent Residency card has the validity of five years. The PR holder needs to testify and apply for renewal once in every five years. The applicant can renew the visa six months prior to the expiry.

  • How long does the application process takes?

The application process for Canadian PR can take as long as six to 10 months. It also depends on CRS score and profile of the applicant.

  • How to apply for Canadian Citizenship?

One can apply for Canadian Citizen Status if he/she is PR holder and has stayed in Canada for the period of minimum 1,095 days during the five year period of permanent residency. In addition to that, the citizenship applicant has to meet other defined requirements.

  • Can I apply for a Canada Permanent Residency if I don’t have an arranged employment / job offer?

Yes, you can apply. There are multiple programs that allow foreign nationals to apply for the Canada Permanent Residency Program. Skill Independent program is one of them.

  • If I have Canada PR, do I need to apply for visa to visit the USA?

If you have Canada PR, you can visit the USA without any restriction. The Canada PR comes with lots of privileges.

  • What is the score required in IELTS to qualify for Canada Permanent Resident visa?

The English language requirement is different for different profiles or job expectations. However, the minimum is IELTS bands of 6 in every module to qualify for application.

  • Does Canada PR allow to work in the USA?

The PR of Canada lifts restriction only for visit to the USA. It doesn’t allow to work and demands for a separate work permit.

  1. How does Provincial Nominee Programs work in Canada?

In Canada, each province has its own immigration policy and process. If the applicant chooses “all provinces” during application for the Express Entry, he/she can apply for provinces. Ontario chooses the applicants from the pool itself based on the points. Quebec has different eligibility criteria and categories for skilled workers. For other provinces, the applicants can apply manually as they start taking application.

  1. Who can apply for Canada Permanent Residency status?

The candidates who meet the following basic requirement can apply for Canada PR:

  • Formal education for 13 years or more
  • Work experience for 2 years or more
  • Sound English language
  • Sufficient fund for a year in Canada
  • What are the benefits of a Canada Permanent Resident card?

A Canada PR comes with lots of benefits and entitles you for lots of facilities:

  • You can relocate to Canada with your family.
  • You have choice of working, studying and settling in Canada.
  • You are subject to receiving free medical services and other social benefits.
  • Your spouse is eligible to work full-time.
  • What is the cut-off score?

For every Express Entry draw, there is a CRS cut-off score. The announcement happens twice a month. The applicants with the score above the cut-off receive ITA and can proceed for PR application.

  1. Can I reapply if I don’t make above the cut-off score?

Yes, you can always work on your CRS scores. You can improve your scores by retaking language tests, getting another education certificate, gaining more work experience or by securing a job from Canadian employer.

  1. Is there any alternative to Express Entry program if I don’t receive ITA?

You can opt for Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), if you don’t receive ITA via Express Entry program. PNP aids in receiving ITA for Express Entry program as it will award 600 CRS points.

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