What is Canada Express Entry Program? Apply for permanent residence in Canada from outside Canada. Permanent residence provincial nominee processing time

Canada Express Entry Program

Canada Express Entry Program allows foreign nationals to apply for Canada Permanent Residency card based on their skills. The Federal Government of Canada introduced this immigration program as its flagship immigration program. Under this program, anybody meeting the skill and other requirements can work, settle and contribute to the economy of Canada. This immigration process aims for faster application screening and express entry. Till the date, the average processing time is four to five months while the government aims to complete processing under this program within the period of six months.

The Express Entry program serves the application for Canada’s three different federal economic programs. They expect skilled workers for each category. The three programs are: 1. Federal Skilled Worker Program, 2. Federal Skilled Trades Program and 3. Canadian Experience Class. The top ranking candidates are eligible to apply for the Canada Permanent Residence visa.

Documents required for Canada Permanent Residency application

In order to apply for permanent residency card, the applicant needs to produce various documents. The documents help in claiming the required points so as to qualify for the validation process. The required documents include:

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Education degrees with attested transcripts and consolidated mark sheets from the university, in a sealed envelope
  4. World Education Services (WES) report on equivalence
  5. Experience or recommendation letters from the previous employers
  6. Language proficiency certificate
  7. Police report (clearance certificate)
  8. Documents related with specific visa requirements (there are multiple

Canadian Permanent Residency Eligibility Requirements

The government of Canada has stated certain requirements to be eligible for securing status of a Canada permanent resident. The minimum requirements include:

  1. Minimum of 67 points. The total score is 100.
  2. The work or the profession you are apply for need to be in demand list of Canada.
  3. You will need to have good bands in your IELTS exam.
  4. You will have to maintain your credit rating or the funds in account.
  5. You will need to arrange all the documents like reference letters from previous employers, education certificates, language proficiency or addition based on requirement.

Calculating Canada Permanent Resident points

Canada has a standard point system which defines if the applicant is eligible to secure Canada Permanent Resident visa. The applicant needs to attain minimum of 67 out of the possible 100 points. There are different aspects for point’s allocation. It concerns marital status, qualification, language proficiency and many others. It is important to understand the point system prior to applying for PR status. It is helpful if the applicant has spouse as his/her points will also add to the consideration. It is always helpful to consult with an immigration officer and check with free eligibility tests available online. Besides marital status, language and education, the age, work experience, sponsors and arrangement employment also contribute in the score.

For age, the maximum score is 12. Similarly, 25 is the maximum points for education. Work experience has the weightage of 15 months. Language skills aid the most as it has 28 points. Adaptability could earn 10 months and the arranged employment has 10 points weightage. The applicant can assess the score based on these classifications.

Fees and charges for applying Canada Permanent Residency

In order to apply for Canada Permanent Resident card, it costs 1040 Canadian dollars for an applicant. It applies for every applicant above the age of 18 years. The fee for PR visa comes at the later stage. Meanwhile, there are other charges the applicant needs to bear prior to final application. It is important to get all the education certificates verified. The Education Credential Assessment fee is 285 Canadian Dollars for an applicant. This is an important step of application as it helps to assess if the education of the applicant meets the standard of Canada. This helps to sort out any possible education related issues in the future application processes.

Processing time

At times, the application process could turn out being exhausting as there is no specific or definite timeline. One might need to wait for months to get the approval and selection result on visa application or it could take shorter too. However, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score determines the timeline a lot. This tool helps to assess the skill level of an immigrant applying for Express Entry or other Canada Permanent Residency permit. It could take four to six months for the process to complete upon receiving Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Similar to the Provincial Nominee Class, Express Entry also has lists of application documents. It’s the skill level that differentiates two programs. Express Entry demands for highly skilled workers in comparison to Provincial Nominee Class immigration. The application forms include generic application form, dependent declaration, background, family information, supplementary information and more. The complete list of the application forms is available in the official website of the government of Canada’s immigration authority.

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