The Ultimate Australia Bucket List: 100 of the Most Incredible Things To Do in Australia

The Ultimate Australia Bucket List 100 of the Most Incredible Things To Do in Australia

Australia is like a dreamland. This country is lovely, beautiful and extremely huge. It would be tough for anyone to find hundreds of incredible things to do in a nation, however, Australia has more to offer than you can imagine.

Here we have gathered and presented The Ultimate Australia Bucket List.

The Ultimate Australia Bucket List: Things To Do in Australia

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Explore Australia’s National Parks

Australia is a living jungle, it has more than 500 National Parks nation wide. Here is the list top National Park in Australia which you must pay a visit.

1. Kosciuszko National Park

The rough alpine landscape of Kosciuszko National Park is characterized by gum trees, wildflowers, waterfalls and limestone gorges. It is home to the highest peak in mainland Australia, Mt. Kosciuszko, and the Snowy River in the Snowy Mountains. Offering some of the country’s best ski resorts in Perisher Ski Resort (which can be visited on a day trip from Sydney) and Thredbo Ski Resort, which also has a year-round chair lift for valley views.


2. Blue Mountains National Park

The Blue Mountains are Australia’s most emblematic tourism destination and World Heritage List National Park situated west of Sydney. This vast, rugged area has a range of parks, views, waterfalls and bike paths for tourists to discover alongside samples of Aboriginal history and legends, and is the ideal place to avoid the hustle and bustle of Australia’s major cities.

With a variety of day trips and overnight trips available from Sydney – you can take a trip to the Eucalyptus Forest, learn about Aboriginal legends, take a look at the sweeping views across the valley, sleep under the stars, take a photo tour, or get your adventure on a bike trip.

3. Royal National Park

You will be in the lovely Royal National Park a short 1,5 hour’s drive from Sydney. There are countless possibilities for barbeque, fishing, bushwalking, bird watching and whale watching with coastal cliffs, secluded beaches and eucalyptus-rich bushlands.

4. Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is the highest inland national park in Australia, 240 kilometres east of Darwin in the far north of Australia. Around 2000 plant species, nature and wildlife, from saltwater crocodiles and flatback turtles to birds, live on land covering wetland, the rivers and the sandstone cliffs. It is also rich in prehistoric Aboriginal and aborigen rock paintings that can be seen at places like Nourlangie, Nanguluwur and Ubirr. You should travel to the incredibly magnificent park in Australia for a lifetime.

Things To Do in Australia Kakadu National Park

5. Purnululu National Park

Purnululu National Park is also known as The Bungle Bungle Range. The national park Purnululu is one of western Australia’s most striking geological heritage sites and offers a remote wilderness experience. The 238,000 acres National Park lies about 300 km south of Kununurra and is located in the Kimberley region. Halls Creek is situated south and is also listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6. Christmas Island National Park

Christmas Island consists of two-thirds of the National Park, which is more than 2500 km from Western Australia. Visiting this incredible remote island ‘s National Paradise will be one of Australia’s ‘out of the beaten way’ experience, and must certainly be included in your top 100 items, including multiple endemic bird and crab species and host to an annual red crab migrations, where 50 million Christmas islands red crabs emigrate from jungle to coast to breed and spawn.

Things To Do in Australia Christmas Island National Park

7. Whitsunday National Park

The Whitsunday Islands are considered one of the best destinations in the world for its pure white silica sand, secluding reefs and beaches, various wildlife and crystal clear waters. Whitehaven Beach – a 9 km stretch of white sand, surrounded by a vibrant turquoise water and luxuriant rainforests – is the most famous of those beaches.

8. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

The Great Barrier Reef off the shore of Queensland is one of Australia’s major tourist attractions. The huge 2,300 km ecosystem includes thousands of reefs and hundreds of islands of more than 600 different types of hard and soft coral.

It has a host of colorful species of fish, molluscs and starfish, as well as turtles, dolphins and sharks – which make Australia top outdoor activities to snorkel or dive here! It is one of the seven natural wonders in the world and was designated a World Heritage site in 1981.

9. Daintree National Park

The Daintree Rainforest and National Park is situated in the Extreme North of Queensland (FNQ), 1,502 km northwest of Brisbane and 100 km northwest of Cairns. Home to a variety of natural wonders including the Mossman Gorge and the incredible Cape Tribulation which is a world heritage site where you can zip, walk on the bush and look around the rainforest, where the Great Barrier Reef meits – one of the world’s most unique sites.

10. Grampians National Park

Grampians (Gariwerd) rise abruptly from the surrounding west plains. They are rough sandstone mountain ranges, rich with wildlife and wildlife, and with plenty of Aboriginal Rock Art sites, echidnas and wallabies. There are lots of locations to be selected, from the famous Halls Gap to the picturesque Hamilton in the North, to the lively Horsham in the Northwest and the historic Ararat, in the Northeast. A total of 646 square miles. Or a day trip from Melbourne is just what you have to experience in this beautiful region of the world for those who are short on time.

Australian Tourist Attractions, Iconic Aussie Things To Do & Experiences To Have In Australia

1. Road Trip Cape York

An ‘tour to the tip’ is Australia’s ultimate adventure – it crosses rough rainforests, spectacular lakes, coves that may or may not be full of crocs, and some of Australia’s largest Aboriginal sights.

It can take up to two weeks on a Cape York road trip; it can take a long time along scarcely managed roads; and just about all of the peninsula has a cellular service, although those who have entered the northernmost point of Australia know what a wonderful journey.

2. Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is thought to be nearly extinct, but you will not skip it on your Australian tour. There might still be hope for its existence. This is the world’s biggest living object and underwater tours carry you to the most exciting locations. It’s also an great location to begin first diving, with several trips that offer enjoyable diving.

3. Soak up the coffee culture of Melbourne

The town is famous worldwide for its cultivation of coffee and the Australians take coffee as seriously as their sports. Melbourne has almost all of itself become the epicentre of the global coffee culture. It’s not like organizing a campaign, but more like a happy combination of factors – call it really an aged spirit – that’s perfectly combined.

4. Climb The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is the largest steel arch bridge in the world, an iconic landmark that stretches across one of mankind ‘s finest natural harbors. Inaugurated in 1932, Sydneysiders lovingly calls this bridge the coathanger. You can walk through the bridge and cycle to the top for amazing views.

The iconic bridge has been made of 53,000 tons of steel in eight years and six million hand-driven rivets. Two stainless steel halves of the Arch were constructed at approximately 10 pm in the center of the span on 19 August 1930.

5. Enjoy Tim Tam Slam

The Tim Tam is an elegant little biscuit which tastes great and its insubstantial nature allows Australian songstresses, the famed Tim Tam Slam, to suck tea and coffee through it.

6. Surf At Byron Bay

Surfing is the lifeblood of many of the coastal cities of Australia. You wouldn’t be crazy when you go to the country and Byron ‘s laid-out beach vibes are the perfect spot for the first time to hop on a board.

7. Visit Australia’s smallest town – Cooladdi

Cooladdi is the officially recognized smallest city in Australia. It has a postal agency for Australia POst (one more common version of a licensed postal agency), a pub, a small motel, plus a road house, all of them in the same structure and three residents, all of whom were related to it from four years before.

8. Watch free fireworks at Darling Harbour

In the heart of Sydney’s Darling Harbor, you will find plenty of splendid things to do. Explore the Australian Navy Museum’s exhibitions and displays at the International Convention Centre. Take a harbor cruise or watch the harbour, during dinner in one of the many bars, display fireworks.

9. See iconic views in the Blue Mountains

Most citizens who lived in Sydney had at least one holiday in the Blue Mountains, and because of its reputation for stunning scenery and a growing action entertainment scene it is becoming popular with local and international tourists.

The Blue Mountains are one of Sydney ‘s best and best-known day trips. The classic view is from Echo Point’s lookout the Three Sisters Rock Formation.

10. Enjoy the Arts Factory’s Talent Show

The Arts Factory is a single-style hostel with 5 acres of spaces and a beautiful rainforest setting, which includes volleyball courts, a pool, cafe and the campsite.

There is an enigmatic arty aura at the hostel, which can be better illustrated in the weekly talent display. Every Tuesday night people take the stage to sing, dance, do circus tricks or whatever they like. This is a wonderful free night and an utter must in Byron Bay.

11. Visit Uluru, the largest rock in the world

While a large number of people believe Uluru is “just a big rock,” it is actually overwhelmingly impressive rock. The spiritual importance of Indigenous people and their fascinating flora and fauna is enormous. Uluru can be enjoyed on a walking or cycling tour and you can also enjoy watching Katja Tutja which are some other interesting rock formations.

12. Hike the King’s Canyon Rim Walk

The Rim Walk takes you through the Garden of Eden on a 6 km route, going back to the top to enjoy the 360 views. The walk may take about 3-4 hours, depending on how quickly you go to absorb the humiliating scenery.

13. Visit Shrine of Remembrance

A building with a Soul is the Shrine of remembrance. Opened in 1934, the Shrine is Australians’ Victorian State Monument to the Globe that has operated in the past of our country. The Shrine was planned and constructed by First World War veterans focused on classical architecture.

14. Admire Sydney Opera House

The most famous building in Sydney has a spectacular view from most corners, but it is best seen from the beautiful Botanical Gardens, which is set in the massive arch of Harbor Bridge.

15. Climb Australia’s highest mountain – Mt. Kosciuszko

At 7,310 feet, Mount Kosciuszko is no small peak. In 1947, however, Great Britain turned over one of its most isolated regions, Heard and McDonald Islands, in the southern Indian Ocean, to the commonwealth of Australia. Mawson Mountain, 1.700 ft higher than Kosciuszko, is situated on Heard Island. It is also a volcano active, which exploded last in 2016. There are no volcanos on Mainland Australia, but there are two in this small group of islands.

16. Enjoy The View of Fluorescent Pink Lake

The true name is Lake Hillier in Western Australia (720 km south east of Perth – an 8 hour drive or two hour flight). It is situated within the Goldfields region of Western Australia.

It may seem like a long way to go for the sake of one of the world’s saltiest waters, but there is also the magnificent Lake Hiller – another rose lake on the Middle Island, the largest of the Recherche islands, as well as incredible opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving.

17. Meet Aboriginals in Arnhem Land

Arnhem Land is the habitat to about 16 000 aboriginal people in the far-northeast region of Australia. Visitation is restricted, so you’re going to need a permit.

18. Get a beer in Daly Waters

Daly Waters is a typical and ridiculously peculiar outback pub, if Mick ‘Crocodile.’ Dundee was true, it is just the sort of place he would drink.

19. Take a car door tour in Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge ‘s ancient opal mining town contains the mysterious black opal. Explore an opal mine on a tour of The Big Opal and try your luck with a fossil. The Opal Bin, where raw opals are polished into shimmering gemstones, can be seen as rare and precious gems.

20. See saltwater crocodile in the Top End

Ever wished to see the Australia’s most deadliest predator, Visit Top End in northern coastal regions of Australia. This place is full of crocs roaming around. You can watch them being safe and far from them.

21. Bungle Bungles Helicopter Tour

All right, this could be a little outside of your budget, but if it is feasible, take a helicopter ride across the Bungle Bungle Range. Talking about this place, It’s a land shape consisting of tens of thousands of beehive domes attracting tourists all around the world.

22. Camel ride down the Cable Beach

Cable Beach is an eastern Indian Ocean beach of 22 kilometers (14 mi) white sandy beach and is named after the suburb of Broome, Western Australia. The name of Cable Beach comes from the cable between Broome and Java in 1889.

23. Walkthrough Tunnel Creek

Tunnel Creek is a creek in Western Australia’s Kimberley region in the Tunnel Creek National Park. Tunnel Creek is part of the ancient barrier reef, formed during the Devonian period, alongside Geikie Gorge and Windjana Gorge.

24. Meet wild dolphins at Monkey Mia

It is rare to communicate with dolphins in their natural environment, and it is something you will never forget to stand in the shallows to feed one of those lovely creatures. Here is what you need to know about the Monkey Mia Dolphin Encounter.

25. Do visit stromatolites

The Hamelin Pool Stromatolites in Hamelin Reserve may look like a cross between giant coliflowers and rocks, but as a contemporary example of the most early known type of life on Earth, they are of great significance.

26. Tour around Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are calcareous formations in the National Park of Nambung, near the city of Cervantes, West Australia.The Pinnacles are calcareous formations in the National Park of Nambung, near the city of Cervantes, West Australia.

27. Remember to have a picnic in Kings Park

Kings park is a 400.6 hectare park overlooking the Perth Water district in western Australia and the central business district of Perth.

This consists of two thirds of the grounds conserved by the Eliza Mountain as a native bushland, a combination of green park, botanic gardens and natural bushlands.

28. Golden Quest Discovery Trail | Australias Golden Outback

From Coolgardie to Laverton, the Golden Quest Discovery Drive Trail stretches for 965 kilometers through Western Australia’s Goldfields.

Which begins about seven hours drive to the east of Perth and travels to 25 sites of the 1890s, which are a rush to Gold, traditional pubs, beautiful Outback towns and evolving natural scenery like nature reserves and campsites. This moderate Top trail is a true adventure.

29. Visit Wave Rock

Wave Rock is a natural rock shaped like a large wave of the ocean. The “wave” is approximately 15 m high and 110 m long. It is situated on the north side of the lonely mountain named “Hyden Rock.”

30. Drive through the Nullarbor Plain

In Latin Nullarbor means “no trees,” but in truth, the Nullarbor is covered with blue bush and mulga scrub. You will see a lot of the wildlife, including wild camels, kangaroos and emus, meet outback characters, even find the room that fell to earth. You’ll see other animals.

Go whale watching on a clifftop lookout, visit vast cattle stations, and play the world’s longest golf course – an unbelievable 1,365 kilometres (848 miles) long, with a hole at each town or roadhouse along the way.

31. Cycle around Adelaide

The Hills of Adelaide are the favorite place for local people looking for a strong climbing form. Try the best of all of them by scaling the Lofty Mountain. The old road offers a less frequent direction. Fly along absolute coastal paths along the beach from Glenelg to Grange.

32. Mail run from Coober Pedy

Running out of Coober Pedy, the world famous Opal Mining town, half the population lived underground in Outback South Australia. Located 846 km north of Adelaide on the Sealed Stuart Highway, 689 km south of Alice Springs.

33. Don’t miss Kangaroo Island

The island of Kangaroo is one of the largest natural attractions in the world. Think of an island 509 km from the coast to the west coast and 155 km from the east coast. With natural bushland, nature, adventure and discovery. Where beautiful beaches are at your doorstep, local wine & sunsets are.

34. Hike up Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is an Australian state mountain of Tasmania, in the Central Highlands region. The peak is in the St Clair National Park of the Cradle Peak-Lake. This is the sixth highest peak in Tasmania at 1,545 meters above sea level.

35. Get a view of Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay is renowned for the red and pink granite formations, which make it such a beauty to visitors, VOTED BY SEVERAL TRAVEL AUTHORITIES one of the best beaches in the whole world. The Devonian granite is the main rock in this area.

The rock is also blended with white quartz and other types of rock, a pink feldspar which gives the shores its peculiar pink colour. The water is also not so terribly crystal clear.

36. Meet Tassie Devils

The carnivorous marsupial of the Dasyuridae family is the Tasmanian devil Sarcophilus harrisi. It once was born in Australia and can now be found in the mountains on Tasmania, including the tiny east coast of Maria Island where a conservation project is underway for animals free from diseases.

37. Shopping at Salamanca Market

Located on the Hobart waterfront, Salamanca Market is one of Australia’s largest and most vibrant outdoor markets and is located on the Hobart waterfront.

This outdoor market opens every Saturday in the heart of the capital of Tasmania, Hobart, and offers more than 300 stalls, selling jewelry, clothing and food.

38. Learn to play the didgeridoo

The didgeridoo is a medium for the sound. The didgeridoo, developed by north-Australian aboriginal peoples, has probably been used around the world in the past 1,000 years.

The yidaki or, more recently, some mandapul are the Yolngu instrument ‘s name; it is regarded as a mago to the west of the country Arnhem.

39. Eat barramundi fish

The Asian or Barramundi sea bass is a catadrome fish species in the Perciformes order in the Latidae tribe. The species is widely distributed from South Asia to Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia in the Indo-West Pacific region.

Barramundi is probably world’s most delicious fish and is revered as an iconic national dish by Australians. The subtle taste means that it has absolutely nothing to do with it.

40. Learn how to speak like an Australian

Australian English is filled with slang and they [Aussies] obviously have an emphasis. If you were interested in learning Australian slang or how to speak like an Australian.

41. Take the Indian Pacific train

The Indian Pacific is an Australian commuter rail line running on the Indian Ocean coast between Melbourne on the Coast and Perth. It’s one of the world’s few really transcontinental trains, with The Ghan operating from the north to the south of the continent of Australia.

The train ran for the first time in February 1970 after size shift programs in South Australia and Western Australia were completed.

42. Sip some Bundaberg Rum

Bundaberg Rum is a black rum distilled by the Bundaberg Distilling Company in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. Sometimes it is named “Bundy.” The distillery firm Bundaberg was welcomed to the Halls of Fame of Queensland in 2010.

43. Place a bet

Australia has a large culture of gambling, so do the local people and get involved by stuck on something – sports events are not lacking.

44. Eat the rarest Grilled kangaroo

Kangaroo meat is mainly from wild kangaroos in Australia, and was exported worldwide in 2010. Most Kangaroo meat currently comes from wild animals as a population control byproduct.

The food is sold as well as the hides. Although most macropod species are protected by law from non-Aboriginal hunting, commercial hunters can hunt a small number of large-scale species in large amounts.

45. See Vivid Sydney

If creativity, innovation, and technology shine brightly in one place in the world, it’s Vivid Sydney, a light, music and ideas festival. Every year Light Architects, artists and talented people meet in Vivid Sydney to express their imagination.

Sydney has become the hub of innovation in the Asian / Pacific region, providing large-scale light displays and screens, free family activities, state-of-the-art music shows and stimulating conferences and workshops.

46. You must watch the Darwin Beer Can Regatta

This Darwin Beer Can Regatta, which was launched annually since 1974 at the Mindil Beach in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, by Darwin entrepreneurs, Lutz Frankenfeld and Paul Rice-Chapman, is a festival affair.

Around 22,000 people joined the annual gathering, comprising nearly half of the community of Darwin at this period. The attendees produced vessels of hollow soda containers, soft drinks containers, soft drink bottles and milk crates.

47. Learn how to throw a boomerang

A boomerang is a device, typically constructed as a flat airfoil, designed to rotate on an axis perpendicular to its flight path. A boomerang is supposed to fall back to the thrower. It’s popular as the tool used for hunting by some Aboriginal in Australia.

It isn’t really as easy as it looks, but once you’ve come across a boomerang, it’s a cool party trick if you’re back home.

48. Learn about the Tropics in the Museum of North Queensland

The Tropical Queensland Museum (MTQ abbreviated) is a museum in Townsville, Queensland, Australia of natural history, archaeology and history. The facility is the same as the Reef HQ Aquarium.

The museum was opened in 1987 under the direction of the curator-in-charge Dr. Carden Wallace, as the “North Queensland Branch” of the Queensland Museum.

49. Brisbane’s Story Bridge

Story Bridge is as famous as it is to Melbourne for Australia in Brisbane. You can travel over, cycle over, and even ride up the stretches with a guided Bridge climb, like Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The way across the bridge is on the west side, offering unparalleled views of the River Brisbane and CBD. This links Fortitude Valley to Kangaroo Point and is a heritage-specific stainless steel bridge on the Bradfield Route.

50. Hike through Carnarvon Gorge

Located some 700 kilometers north-west of Brisbane, Carnarvon Gorge provides a spectacular chance for enthusiastic walkers to dust off a few cozy boats and discover different paths.

While it is fairly new to other Queensland national parks, Carnarvon Gorge is promptly accessible and provides a variety of accommodation choices. You can feel like you’re going through dinosaur land by more than 173 bird species, rough cliffs, old cycads, fragile ferns, cool swimming holes and aborigine rock art.

51. Explore the northern hippie towns like Mullumbimby

Mullumbimby is a city not influenced by mass visitors and still is capable of retaining its hippie roosts – also regarded as ‘what Byron was like 30 years ago’.

Mullumbimby is a calm, friendly town with a good climate, many art galleries and restaurants. Contrary to the community of Mullimbimy, regarded as the greater town in Australia, the area of the Northern Rivers is less marketable than elsewhere in New South Wales. This ensures that you will always feel the charm of the 70s.

52. Don’t forget the Cape Byron lighthouse

At the turn of the 20th century, Cape Byron Lighthouse was built to reduce shipping dangers along the dangerous coastline.

Charles Harding drew up designs in the tradition of his friend James Barnet, his imperial tutor. The lighthouse did not have to be large since Cape Byron Headland is situated 94 meters above sea level. The plan was for a structure 22 meters high with a panoramic view.

53. The charming town of Nimbin

Nimbin is situated in the north river district of New South Wales, Australia, about 30 km to the north of Lismore, 33 km to the north of Kyogle, and 70 km to the north of Byron Bay to the east.

Nimbin is a tiny village located in the southern river basin. Nimbin’s environmental initiatives such as sustainable living, durability and autonomy, as well as cannabis counterculture, are prominent in Nimbin. Writer Austin Pick described his initial village impressions as follows: ‘It looks as if in the midst of the mountains behind border façades, a smoky Avenue of Amsterdam was placed.

54. Tree Surfing on the Mornington Peninsula

Surfing Tree is one of the hidden gems of Victoria in Arthur ‘s Seat on the Peninsula of Mornington. Tree Surfing provides an thrilling family-wide experience, giving both adults and children an enjoyable day out. Select one of the 2 adult Grand Course courses, comprising of 5 stages, 50 tasks, and five posts, as well as the three tiers, 30 hurdles, and 3 zip lines children’s nippers layout.

Following a short protection briefing, this adventure starts at the Grand Course in the Home Tree, from 5 to 10 m from the ground, to start your autonomous aerial adventure.

55. Take a sip of wine at Victoria’s Yarra valley

The Yarra Valley, the first winegrowing district of Victoria with a history that stretches back 170 years, has been known as Victoria ‘s birthplace. First wineries were planted in 1838 and quickly spread over the 1860s and 1870s.

Besides the second wave of pioneers, the Yarra Valley is also home now to a bold new breed of revolutionary winemakers who push the limits of grapes and wine-making, in keeping with this beautiful area’s traditions. Regional emphasis on wine quality and taste spread to local products grown and cultivated on the same fertile soil, turning the region into a small slice of paradise for food and wine.

56. Iconic Laneways of Melbourne

There are several lanes and arcades in the Central Business District ( CBD) in Melbourne, Australia. The narrow streets and footpaths are also called “laneways” and go back to the Victorian period, with their coffee shops, bars and street art as a common cultural attraction.

In the hive of busy and innovative roads in Melbourne, there is still something new to find, with its cover shops, well-known restaurants and bars and coffee.

57. White Water Rafting in Australia

The waterways in Australia provide you with a forests background when you’re in need of excitation and splashes. Stick on the journey of your life.

White water rafting promises roaring waters to drive your face, and gentle twists and turnings for an exciting journey through Australia ‘s rivers. Whatever you choose, you are likely to never forget this journey into the heart of nature.

58. Look for the Majestic view of Aurora Australis

The southern hemisphere counterpart to the aurora boreal is called “Aurora Australis” which is also known as the Southern lights and south polar lights.  In the sky, an aurora australis takes the form of a light curtain or diffuse glow; it is mostly green, sometimes red, and maybe other colours.

The aurora australis, like its northern twin, is best in a South-Magnet pole-centered oval. This is because it results from collisions in the high atmosphere between energetic electrons (also sometimes protons) and atoms and molecules.

59. Drive through Eyre Highway: Australia’s longest straight road

Imagine a drive of thousands of kilometers without twists or turns over a wide , flat plain of hundreds of kilometers between towns and stations. That’s Eyre Highway for you.

The path from the Nullarbor plain to Western Australia, a smooth treeless, vast 200,000 sq km wide calestone slope. Highway 10 is the most longest straight road in the country, 145.6 km between the tiny road house villages of Balladonia and the towns of Caiguna (the longest straight road in the country is Highway 10 in the Saudi Ara, without hills or lakes and do not obstruction). The highroad is built on a straight road that stretches for 1675 km between Port Augustan and Norseman in the west.

60. Swim with Sea Lions & Dolphins at Baird Bay

Baird Bay Swimming with sea lions and dolphins is one of several “swimming experiences” on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this life enhancing experience.

The Sealions are the puppeteer dogs of the sea and their play is great. You snorkel as they spring and play with you in safe and shallow water. The great thing about this experience is that it is truly unique each time you have it and that it feels you are the only person with it on the water. It’s worth adding Baird Bay to your Things To Do in Australia List.

61. Explore The Underground Town of Coober Pedy

The town of Coober Pedy is also regarded as the “oval city of the world,” leading to the amount of precious opals found in the region. This tiny mining town with a population of 2,000 is often renowned for its underground homes, which are situated in the deep south Australian desert, with temperatures of 125 °F/51 °C.

There are many unique features of Coober Pedy. For a similar cost to building a house on the surface, a standard three bedroom house with living room, kitchen and bathroom may be excavated out of the rock in the hillside. Dugouts, however, remain at a constant temperature, while the surface buildings require costly air conditioning.

62. Cage Dive with Great White Sharks

Shark cage diving is an underwater immersion or sea kayaking where the observer stays in a cage to avoid the contact of the sharks with the divers. Shark cage plunging is used as a tourism experience for science research, underwater video. Sharks may be attracted to the cage by using bait in a process known as chumming, which has caused some controversy as the natural behavior of sharks in the surrounding area is claimed to be potentially modified.

63. Minjin swing through the jungle of Cairns

Aj Hackett is popular in the globe as it rises from different heights and diverse systems. And though you can save your bungy in Cairns, you can also float across the jungle hanging out from the cords with a little less frightening Minjin Drop. It’s a quick ride and the adrenaline is massive. You can do it with a few buddies or travel with your other mates.

And if you are always looking for an amusement “higher in the clouds,” but do not like flying through the air at high pace, take a trip from Cairns through the Great Dividing Range to Kuranda on Atherton Tablelands.

62. Go for a 4*4 ride on Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the biggest island with sand in the world with a range of more than 120 kilometers, yet the island has more than just sea.

On a Fraser Island ride, you can take the 75-mile Beach to see Pinnacles and SS Maheno Shipwreck, the rugged sand cliffs, and camp 2 or three-day 4WD day trips, including surfing at McKenzie Lake, cruising confidently down Eli Creek and experiencing spectacular views from Indian Head Out, not to name a few highlights. Even if you are not a camper, there are 2 day-tour opportunities where you can stop at a beach of the 75-mile Lodge.

64. Travelling Australia’s Red Centre on The Ghan

Taken into consideration one of the world’s biggest rail lines, the Ghan takes three days and four nights to fly through Australia’s guts. It departs in the North from Darwin and snacks across the desert in South Australia, about 2979 km or 54 hours of train travel. Southwards On this way, passengers pause for excursions to Outback towns – Katherine, Alice Springs and Coober Pedy-before landing on the opposite coast.

The land is flat from the window, sun-scorched, and every shade of brown; it’s a battle to find some living symbol. But on its diverse off-road tours down the Ghan, you soon realize that the landscape is greener than you had first thought.

65. Check out Arnhem Land

Arnhem is a wild and untouched countryside, which for centuries has remained the same. There is something for everyone in Arnhem Land, from rusty, dusty rock formations to extensive wetlands.

Arnhem Land has been named after the Netherlands ship Arnhem that sailed across the coast in 1623 nearly 400 years ago. Also, Arnhem Land x-ray art, believed to have been created around 2000 BC, depicts animals and humans in the “x-ray” style with exact representations of the inner bodies, bones, and even veins and arteries of the creatures.

66. Kayaking in Katherine Gorge

Get a rare view of Nitmiluk National Park as you paddle the canyon down and across several centuries, the maze of sandstone rivers is carved from the Katherine Valley. They are self-guided and can be taken for 1 or 2 days, which means you get to camp inside the park and sleep under the stars.

67. 1770 Scooteroo Motorcycle Chopper Tours

You will enjoy a nice trip at speeds up to 80kph, spot koala and Kangaroos at your own chopper, with the 1770 Scooteroo Motorcycle Chopper tour every day (free pick-ups at Agnes Water). Instead, in 1770 fantasy spots, enjoy the magnificent view of the sea. On this famous ride, three hours of riding through the towns of Harley Davidsons and Agnes Lake, you can stop by local wildlife and stunning scenery.

68. Paddling the Upper Noosa River

The Noosa River is ideal for canoeing adventures and a popular backpack excursion on the East Coast to experience Australia ‘s fabulous Bush. Experience the upper Noosa River and its wildlife through this famous journey. Start your company from Pointe Elanda and explore Lake Cootharaba on the northern edge of the Kinaba Visitor Information Center upstream. Visit Kin Creek or continue to campsite and day-use areas at Fig Tree Park. Visit the Fig Tree and Como Delta Lakes or head uphill.

69. Take a break to enjoy eating Pavlova

Pavlova, named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, is a meringual dessert. It is a meringue dessert with a crunchy, sweet and light crust inside, usually surrounded by cream and fruit.

Australia and New Zealand both claimed the creation of this famed dessert, which was created in honour of the 1920s visit to Australasia by the Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova. The crisp mingle crust of pavlova, light fruit fillings and whipped cream tops ensure it’s a family hit as a real Australian after-dinner sweet.

70. Brisbane’s Best Live Music Venues

The reputation of Brisbane as Australia’s live music hub grows only with the number of concerts, festivals and the opening of more live music venues three times in the last few years.

71. Visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary was built on natural hills, and not every hill in the sanctuary is ideal for unassisted wheel-chairs in order to preserve the dignity of the landscape. For guests with limited mobility, alternative routes are available . Several areas of Lone Pine, such as our two reserves for kangaros and sheepdog/barn area.

72. Tour around Parliament House

Australian Parliament House, the house of the Australian parliament and the gathering place for a country, offers Canberra tourists with a special experience. Join Parliament House to witness the vibrant government of Australia in practice.

You will monitor Question Time, show programs under review, and engage in committee inquiries while existing issues are through. In addition, some of Australia’s best historical and modern art treasures and permanent and temporary exhibits can be seen all over the building.

73. Go on a night out in Kings Cross

Until a long time, King’s Cross was known by most Australians as Australia’s drugs and red light hub. Most Australians have stepped across ‘the Bridge’ at one time or another, if just to look at the way ‘the other half’ live and play. However, in recent years, this once minimalist Sydney pocket, though ever sluggish, has begun to develop into a rich and vibrant climate.

There are also strip clubs, topless waitresses, adult book shops and tacky nightclubs, but small and trendy coffees have come to life on the banks of the Cross, attracting visitors of various types. The Cross is most sleepy in the evening, when the light is shining and the action is on. It may look much less dangerous during the day.

74. Try Camping

Australia provides several beautifully epic campsites for a tent, which means that the country’s outdoor spaces are even more enjoyable and appreciated.

There are so many beautiful places to spend some time in nature, from the campsites on the outback that makes you feel like you are on another planet, to the beach spots with white sandy beaches and blurred turquoise waters. Many sites are open, although some of them are very popular and need to be reserved well in advance. In any event, you will have an amazing camping experience almost everywhere you go.

75. Visit The Simpson Desert

The Simpson Desert is another of Australia’s most famous natural wonders. The Simpson Desert is also home to the longest parallel sand dunes worldwide and is more than 65,000 square miles inland. Big Red, the biggest and most famous dune with 130 feet of high is host to a festival every year of music held in Birdsville, Big Red Bash and featuring some of the most famous artists in the country.

76. A tour to Fremantle Prison

It’s not negative, the blood, sweat and tears of the most dangerous convicts in Grossbritanny are the national history of Australia. Ignore the signals to Fremantle Prison for an rundown of Australia’s convicted past.

Constructed using convict labour, it was established in the 1850s before its closure in 1991 as a maximum security facility. The jail now provides many trips into the subbelly of Australia Convict Sites, including cell blocks, gallows, whiping gate, and jail facilities. Included on the prestigious World Heritage List.

77. Don’t Forget The Twelve Apostles

Another world-renowned natural miracle in Australia is called the Twelve Apostles. Comprised of 8 calcareous pillars which seem to drift towards the sea. Once on Australia’s continent, the structures were detached but because of erosion.

The calcareous structures were over time battered by the hard conditions of the waves and winds of the Southern Ocean, carving them into grottoes, then arches, and today, pillars. Originally, nine pillars had crashed into the sea until 2005.

78. Take a bite of Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken Parmigiana is a classic Australian chicken dish – rooted in Italian-American cuisine – is an essential item on virtually every local pub menu. Originally an eggplant, it developed into a chicken schnitzel with a tomato sauce, melted cheese and, if you’re fantastic, prosciutto ham. it’s still available in vegetarians. It usually comes with salad and chips, although there has been a division between those who think that the chips ought to be on the side and those who think they ought to be on the side.

79. Overnight Accommodation At Taronga Zoo

The most famous zoo in Australia, Taronga could be one of the world’s most spectacular zoos. Taronga is a quiet island just 12 minutes from town with stunning panoramic views of Sydney Harbor and its main sights.

Taronga has more than 4,000 animals and a wide variety of activities including animal encounters, educational courses, and much more.

80. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sydney

Join over a million people in the new year around Sydney Harbour. Midnight arrives in Sydney earlier than any other important international city and the port is being concentrated by cameras from all around the world with its dramatic fireworks display.

You won’t forget soon, this is an exciting celebration. Join over a million people in the new year around Sydney Harbour. Midnight arrives in Sydney earlier than any other important international city and the port is being concentrated by cameras from all around the world with its dramatic fireworks display. You won’t forget soon, this is an exciting celebration.

81. Take a Foodie Road Trip Around Tasmaina

Start your breakfast at Farm Gate Market in Hobart with fresh cakes and bagels and then spend some days feasting in the Tasmanian capital. Many local products are available to sample, with a rare drive between gourmet towns and stores lasting more than an hour.

Tasmania is well-known for its cool-climate wines, and Tamar Valley is Tasmania ‘s leading wine area, stretching to north from Launceston. Don’t skip Tasmania’s pinot noir, a popular range of wines, from Providence ‘s oldest state winery.

82. Cruise The Kimberley

A cruise ship provides several opportunities to see Kimberley which is one of the few remaining forest regions on Earth. You will end up along rugged cliffs, secluded beaches, ochre gorges and beautiful waterfalls while you appreciate good food and comfortable sleepings.

83. Roller Coaster Ride And Water Slides Of The Gold Coast

You will see aboriginal Australians in the beaches, or play in the swimming pools and water slides; all that is seen on the Gold Coast from the best and quickest thrill rides in the planet. Meet your favorite film and heroes, or swim with dolphins and sharks.

For fun the theme parks of the Gold Coast deliver big adventurous swings, slides and animals. For fun it doesn’t matter much. The combination passes for Sea Land, Warner Bros Movie Universe, and Wet’n’Wild can be combined with Dreamworld next door or you can buy a combination pass. There are a lot of accommodations in the fun parks between The Spit and Coomera, north of Surfers Paradis, close to the Gold Coast beaches.

84. Cape Pillar Sea Cliffs

Cape Pillar Sea Cliffs are terrifying, reporting highest sea rock cliffs in the Southern Hemisphere as well as ′′The Scariest Cliff in the Known Universe”

The Cape Pillar Sea Cliffs Just the sparkling waters of the Pacific and a submerged sea cellar distinguish the two giant cliffs of Cape Pillar. These cliffs stand over the rest of the island at an altitude of more than 300 meters. The impressive cliffs in Cape Pillar have been approached by a few daring rock climbers, and their excursion up the smooth stone walls is legendary. Once rising to the pit, the waves and downwater are not the only ones to look out for.

85. Casino  in Australia

Gambling is one of Australia’s most common pastimes for residents and travelers alike-you would be shocked to learn that the renowned sights like the Sydney Opera House, Uluru and Great Barrier Reef don’t even reach the amount of tourists the most successful in Australia.

And whether that’s because Australian casino tax is charged by the casino (unlike in America where consumers pay tax from their earnings), or because Casino provides far more than space to walk and play lucky sports.

86. Travel to Gippsland Lakes

The quiet network of Gippsland Lakes is the perfect sandbox for everyone. The lakes are a network of freshwater rivers extending about 400 square kilemeters.

Three beautiful lakes – Lake Wellington, Lac Victoria and Lake King are the lakes network called the biggest inland lakes in Australia. In the famous tourist destination Lakes Entrance, the Gippsland Lakes enter the oceans of the Bass Strait.

87. The National Gallery of Victoria

Art fans would appreciate Melbourne, where tourists will be encouraged to venture indoors and experience the magnificent cultures of Europe, Asia , Oceania and America in the superb National Galeries of Victoria.

Free tours of 45 or 60 minutes  or exploring at your own pace, are available on the gallery’s highlights. The good news is that admission to locations is free, even if you have to pay to see special exhibits which rotate regularly. There is a nice arty store and eating or lunch at both locations.

88. Walk on the Giant Stairway

You will surely put the Massive Stairway on your to-do list if you want to visit the breathtaking Blue Mountains near Katoomba.

This remarkable staircase comprises more than 800 steppes and footpaths, some metals and hand-held cliffs which rise to the Echo Lookout point over 1,000 meters below the renowned Three Sisters Rock Formation in the Jamieson Valley.

89. Get close to nature with Lords Safaris

Australia’s Northern Territory is a vast territory full of stunning scenery, birds, magnificent ecosystems and a rich natural heritage. Since 1990, Lords Safaris have been on private tour of Kakadu and Arnhem Land.

They also established an outstanding reputation for taking visitors to some places in the Kakadu National Park, such as Arnhem Land and Koolpin Gorge. Aboriginal guides are also hired by Lord’s tours.

90. Visit Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is an untouched paradise found on Whitsunday island, in the middle of Queensland ‘s mystical Barrier Reef. That makes it so unique is that the pure white sand contains primarily of pure silica, accounting for the bright colours and small grains of the powder. Whitehaven Beach is an experience in itself – you can travel in from Hamilton Island by aircraft or seaplane, or you can reach water by boat, catamaran or rafting from Airlie Beach.

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