What is Canada Permanent Residency? Canada PR Process: Permanent Residency Requirements

Canada Permanent Residency

With increased globalization, migrating abroad has become common. People tend to migrate and settle abroad where they see lots of opportunities. Not to forget, Canada is definitely one of the popular choices when it comes to migration. Australia, the United States, New Zealand, and the European nations are also top in the list. Canada is a very popular destination worth consideration for both visit, short term stay and permanent residency. Canada is the land of opportunities. Canada welcomes people from all around the world via standardized process so that both nation and people benefit from the Canada permanent residency programs. Being Canada permanent resident is always a person’s desire as it helps secure one’s life. It doesn’t open the great pool of opportunity but also allows one to secure Canadian citizenship upon staying and working on PR card for three years.

Canada is a large nation in the continent of North America. Which extends over an area of 9,984,670 sq. km with the population of just over 38 million as of 2020 estimates with the population density of only 3.92 per sq. km. Canada is one of the rich countries of the world as it has a huge total GDP of USD 1.971 trillion with the per capita of USD 52,144 offering its citizen and all immigrants with high quality of life, and other services. The official languages of Canada are English and French. A huge population in Canada also speak Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Arabic, German and Italian. This great nation in the north has always fostered multicultural, multilingual and secular society.

Canada is second best country in the world and Top best country for immigration.

If we look at recent data and statistics, Canada is the second best country in the world. Switzerland ranks in the first. There are various indicators that help in determining the countries’ rank. Based on adventure, Canada ranks 16th. The great white north ranks 2nd in terms of citizenship. Similarly, the cultural influence is also commendable. There is huge respect for every religion, culture and language. The nation ranks 11th for culture. The country is progressive with economy ranking 6th in entrepreneurship. It has a lot to improve in terms of heritage and movers as the country ranks 40th and 37th in these aspects. It ranks 3rd for its openness to businesses. It is pretty powerful as well as it ranks 12th in terms of power. Out of all, it provides the best quality of life and outranks everybody in this aspect. Canada promotes zero discrimination against people of any race, culture or origin. They even welcome all the immigrants making Canada one of the best destination to migrate. Equal rights, legal support, opportunities and facilities prevail even for the foreign immigrants like that of the Canadian nations.

Canada offers unlimited opportunities as it is growing fast in terms of economic prosperity and industrialization. It has made its mark in the world for decreasing taxes and strong economy with just over 2.3% inflation rate. The income of a Canadian increases every year. The average income of a Canadian is $40,000. It has a very low unemployment rate of 6.8%. Surprisingly, the country has always reported for the scarcity of manpower unlike other nations throughout the world fighting against unemployment issues. The nation is creating thousands of jobs annually which is also the reason why it encourages foreign skilled workers to apply for Canada Permanent Residence.

Considering healthcare as the fundamental right, the government provides free healthcare to its citizens. This makes Canada appealing in another way. It has one of the highest quality of healthcare in the world. Regardless of the nature of health challenge, the cost never becomes an issue in Canada. Similarly, the country also has a high degree of overall well-being with affordable housing and accessible social assistance programs. Canada is one of the most educated nations as it has the world’s highest proportion of graduates. The proportion stands at 51% as per Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Report on Global Education. The government provides primary and secondary education for its citizen without cost. The universities have sound reputation throughout the world. This is also the reason why thousands of students travel to Canada every year for higher education. Canada isn’t well-flourished only with its system and governance but the nature has also made it very beautiful and one of the tourist destination. It is a dream destination for anyone who loves cold climate and snow.

Benefits of Canada Permanent Residency

There are lots of benefits of Canada permanent residency. He/she secures 5 years multiple entry visa. This allows travelling to and from Canada whenever he/she wants. There are no visa restrictions. Similarly, it provides greater advantage for the ones with spouse. The applicant’s spouse is eligible for working full time. The government looks after the education for the children, health, social provisions and other benefits for the family. Further, the applicant also secures the opportunity for inviting parents for post-settlement. There are lots of benefits the successful applicants receive. The holder of Canada permanent residency status also secures the easy access to the other preferred destination the United States of America. A Canada permanent resident also receive all sorts of protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Limitations and Obligations of Canada Permanent Residency

Along with benefits, there are also few limitations you will need to abide by. The Canada permanent resident may not be able to vote on certain elections. High-level security clearances jobs are only for Canadian citizen. Just having the permanent resident status won’t be enough and will result in ineligibility. Similarly, if any member of the family commits a serious crime, the whole family undergoes the risk of being evicted from Canada. Like Canadian citizens, you will have the legal obligations for tax payments and abiding by all municipal, provincial and federal laws. This is same for permanent residents as well as Canadians.

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